1. To understand what true self-esteem is.
  2. To understand the relationships between healthy self-esteem and a healthy emotional / mental / psychological state.
  3. To become aware of and recognize the existence of mental blocks and past unhealthy patterns.
  4. To release and let go of unhealthy cellular memory.
  5. To expand participants’ vision, boost their confidence, and therefore create healthier more effective results in their personal and professional life.
  • More than just Personal Growth, she will

  • More than just Opening her heart, she will

  • More than just leadership skills, she will

  • More than just team-building, she will

  • More than just cultivating her dreams, she will

  • More than just learning about self esteem,

  • More than just learning communication skills,

  • More than just mind-body connection, she

  • More than just acknowledging cellular memory,

  • More than just awareness of what is holding her back from her full potential,


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Some women come because they desire to work on their interpersonal skills and communication skills – maybe they are not communicating with spouse, children or coworkers as well as they could and this is causing stress…

Some women come because they want to take on a more active leadership role in their careers and be more successful in business…

Some women come because they realize that something is holding them back from reaching their true potential and not only do they want to find out what it is but they want to move past it….

Some women come because they desire to take their financial success to the next level, and become more successful entrepreneurs…

Some women come because they desire to take their relationships to a deeper level…

and Some women come because they want to work on themselves- – they desire more self confidence, higher self esteem or greater levels of happiness…

but regardless of why women choose to come to the retreat, my specialty is working with women to take their lives to the next level and to achieve the breakthrough that they desire and absolutely deserve to receive

what is unique about the retreat

  • The intimacy of the retreat – The context – The safety – The peaceful environment which allows women to open in a secure confident place.
  • The closeness that develops between the participants.
  • living together in the estate for 3 nights with awesome like minded women… so much fun…like a big slumber party in a mansion.
  • bonds that are built
  • the focus on one’s self.
  • the inner confidnce and increased self esteem that is built over the weekend.
  • the incredible inner happiness and total peace that comes from going through the weekend.
  • becoming completely comfortable with one’s past and present
  • gaining total clarity about the future.
  • learning to love yourself unconditionally.
  • excellent food – we have a personal culinary expert that prepares all meals – healthy – delicious – organic – excellent.
  • the program itself is (humbly said) phenomenal – I use advanced learning techniques that keep the participants actively engaged and having a great time for 3 days – most participant say that this is one of the best weekends of their life – – it is remarkable to see the incredible transformation that can take place in 3 days..
  • Supporting each other and stepping outside of yourself to be available to others.
  • Finding Fulfillment which comes from knowing and living your Purpose.
  • Achieving a flow of Prosperity.
  • Experiencing a Thriving Self Esteem.

Dr. Sugar’s Amazing Women’s Retreat


Dedicated to helping women improve their lives; in 2007, Dr. Sugar Singleton Marcy designed an impressive growth and development women’s success retreat. It is an intensive three-day (28) hour course geared toward professional women.

In response to repeated need expressed by the women who have attended, Dr. Sugar is now not only offering this unique women’s success retreat to individuals desiring to grow personally but it is now available to business and corporations who desire to invest in assisting their entire team to become more successful both personally and professionally.
Here is a chance to provide your employees with perhaps the most exhilarating journey in their lives, a journey to reach their highest potential.

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About Dr. Sugar Singleton Marcy, M.D.

Dr. Sugar Singleton realized early in life that she was passionate about helping others. Always having excelled, she easily earned entrance into medical school. She was close to achieving her dreams when her mother, a well-known businesswoman and pillar of the community, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her mother was given only two months to live. With family and loyalty having always been the Singleton household value, Sugar did not hesitate to put her dreams on hold, leave medical school, and return home to care for her dying mother. She witnessed, in amazement, as her valiant mother turned a medical two-month life-sentence into almost ten full and fabulous years of living.

Dr. Sugar returned to medical school after four years away and completed her goal of becoming a doctor. As a successful physician, Dr. Sugar couldn’t help but wonder how her mother defied the medical prediction. She soon came to believe the miracle came from within, as her mother “Unleashed her Inner-Power” through her zeal for life.

Today she truly believes that her Mom so loved the miracle of life to an extent that on some level, the passion & inspiration inside of her contributed to a much longer & happier journey than was expected. That realization became a yearning for Dr. Sugar to not only live like that, but more importantly, it became a burning desire within her to teach others to live a life of Purpose, Passion, Gratitude and Total Wellness.

Dr. Sugar Singleton invested a great deal of time and resources in search of a blueprint to learn and to teach women how to release the unproductive cellular memories that hold them back from a thriving level of self-esteem, a flow of prosperity and true fulfillment that comes from living a life of purpose. Through her research, she developed a unique and powerful transformational course. Her women’s success events focus on assisting women to unleash their own inner power.

It teaches them to understand not only where they are and why; but most importantly, how to propel their lives strategically in a new positive direction. Dr. Sugar, while dedicated to her regular practice, is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to enhance their lives. What she enjoys most is the look in women’s eyes when the training is over and living begins.

She is a lifetime member of the prestigious medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha; she served as Chief Resident at UNM Hospital; she is board certified in Family Medicine and has served as Vice-President of the American Academy of Family Physicians, New Mexico Chapter.

During the 3 day Unleash Your Power experience, women come together from different parts of the world to spend quality time with Dr. Sugar. She helps them to gain clarity about the causes of their resistance and to learn the tools that give them permanent transformation on a deep cellular level. They soon find out that she’s an authentic woman who loves to make a difference and also have fun.

To provide women with high-impact processes and experiential exercises that will help them acquire an understanding about the barriers to achieving success in their lives; and, to garner the necessary tools and skills to uncover and eradicate those issues. To empower them, so they can develop their own road map to begin living richer and more fulfilled lives.

description and methods
Unleash Your Power
In a safe, nurturing, and non-judgemental environment during the three-day UNLEASH YOUR POWER women’s success retreat and cellular release experience, Dr. Sugar teaches women valuable life skills.

  • The course is a weekend of inner strengthening designed to take women out of their comfort zones and help them open for growth and change.
  • The course covers personal growth, team building, leadership, ethics and business development and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Participants will also learn how to strengthen personal and professional relationships.
  • They will discover the true meaning of fulfillment, which comes from knowing and living their life’s purpose.
  • They will deepen their relationship to God.
  • Over the course of the three-day program, they will stretch and grow as they uncover and realize their inner power.
  • They will understand their ability to co-create their life.
  • They will begin to identify and release everything that has been holding them back.
  • They will discover new ideas, breakthrough processes, and practical tools that allow them to experience a more full, inspired and joyful life.
  • Women will have the opportunity to see themselves in a new light–to meet and nourish the absolute best in themselves.
  • They will tap into their higher self and unleash their full capacity for joy and gratitude.
  • They will learn to allow a flow of prosperity.
  • They will begin to experience a Thriving self esteem.
  • It is one of the most incredible personal development training events ever.
  • The learning is truly transformational and is applicable to all aspects of everyday life.

objectives and anticipated outcomes
Dr. Sugar Singleton has trained over a thousand women including doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, real estate brokers, entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, stay-at-home moms, small business owners, managers, corporate executives, and retirees. Unleash Your Power Women’s retreat is valuable to anyone who desires personal growth regardless to the current profession.

By the end of the three-day retreat women will re-ignite their passion for living, experience improved self-esteem, and family, peer and business relationships. They will know their true purpose and mission in life.

By allowing yourself the opportunity to attend this awesome women’s success retreat, you are choosing to moved beyond self limiting beliefs and setting yourself up to Unleash your full capacity for a Flow of Prosperity, a Thriving Self Esteem and a feeling of Fulfillment that comes from knowing and living your Purpose.

By bringing your team or sending your employees to Unleash Your Power, you can help them achieve more success in their career, their relationships, and their lives. As outcome measures, some of the newly enhanced skills sets may include:

  1. How to love your life; let go of past pain, live in the present, and design your future by intention;
  2. How to make decisions that align your head and your heart;
  3. How not to yearn for approval and recognition from others, but to approve of yourself;
  4. How to respond to circumstances from choice instead of reacting from past conditioning;
  5. How to have the courage to take action despite fear, doubt, and worry;
  6. The leadership skills required to stand out in your field;
  7. The keys to creating a great team with values, honor and integrity and an excellent work environment; and,
  8. How to embrace life with ease, value, humility, boldness, energy, destiny, gratitude, and love;
  9. How to truly begin to experience living life on purpose.

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Your Complete Package Includes:

Roundtrip airport transfers from (DRO) Durango CO Airport to Pagosa Springs,
3 nights lodging with full accommodations at a gorgeous 8,000 sq. ft. private estate on 11 breath taking acres at the base of the Rocky Mountains.
All of your meals and snacks are healthy, delicious and wonderfully prepared.
Our full team will ensure that you are pampered and all of your needs are met from start to finish.

Three (3) full days of training, teaching and Cellular Release processing all done with Dr. Sugar.
No outside speakers at this event!! Dr. Sugar will be your trainer for the entire weekend.
She will work with you personally to ensure that you Unleash your full capacity for a Flow of Prosperity, a Thriving Self Esteem and a feeling of Fulfillment that comes from knowing and living your Purpose.

Participants who register online will also receive:

• Complimentary Inspirational Book for your Home Library
• Unleash Your Power Now Workbook
• Special Surprise Gift
• Graduation Certificate
• Dinner in Downtown Pagosa Springs on our night out
• Paid entrance into the Pagosa Hot Springs Mineral Baths

“What an inspiration….thank you for helping me refocus my true power, spirit and womanhood…I am back in control of my life”

TSMtg Broker/Business Owner, Durango, CO.

“I am not only empowered by the tools I have received this weekend but you have given me the keys to unlock a destiny that I have the power to create. I’ve never had all the pieces of the puzzle before. Thank You!”

SMTeacher, Farm, NM.

“Life can get really hard, this weekend definitely helps make women stronger…it was so inspirational!”

CCCorporate Executive, Guadalajara, MX.

“I feel so powerful now I can’t wait to start my new life!”

LHReal Estate Appraiser/Business Owner, Tucson, AZ.

“Coming to this is the best thing I have ever done. It will have a permanent affect on me and the people in my life. I am grateful for the numerous breakthroughs I received.”

KSHealth coach, Nanaimo, British Columbia

“This success retreat is a must for all entrepreneurial women who require moving to the next level with their lives, their businesses, & their service to the world.”

RTMarketing, Jamaica Hills, NY

Dr. Sugar is one of the most Grounded & Purposeful Women I have had the privilege of connecting with.
She is genuine, intelligent, focused, and above all inspiring.
I highly encourage anyone who is ready to release limiting thoughts, let go of emotional blocks, and create more success with less effort, to become a student of Dr. Sugar Singleton.”

E. D.Speaker / Author, LA, CA

Endorsement by Speaker, Trainer, and Author Jeffrey Combs
Dr. Sugar Singleton is an exceptional Multipreneur. She is a doctor, mother, wife, and a multi-business owner.
Her coaching and intimate retreats are definitely services that you deserve to receive.
She is a welcome voice from female entrepreneurship. Thank You Dr. Sugar.

Jeffrey CombsSpeaker, Trainer, and Author

“Dr. Sugar, Going through Release with you changed my life. You are in my heart always.”

Dr. AJtherapist/speaker, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Sugar, You have shown many of us how to be the change we wish to see in the world... You have rock the world! Xoxo!!”

DPconsultant, Los Angeles, CA

“I am writing to just express my love and gratitude for you! The weekend with you was such a gift to my life, and I am excited about sharing the new me with the world.”

BHentrepreneur, Costa Rica

Dr. Sugar, Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing weekend at Release! You are an incredibly, gifted healer and an inspiration! I received so many gifts during the weekend. There were so many layers to that learning experience … the work that you are doing to help women heal is so in alignment and needed at this time.”

SHblogger/speaker/coach, Phoenix, AZ

OMG! I LOVE MY LIFE In my life, I went to Dr. Sugar’s retreat and met the most amazing women–ever to walk this planet!! What a transformation. What a gift! Dr. Sugar, THANK YOU AGAIN for providing a safe and trusting environment –and for your AMAZING gift of love.”

YMentrepreneur, SF, CA

Dr. Sugar, You are a radiant woman. Thank you for honoring who you are and in that process assisting others to honor who they are. Thank you for the tools and inspiration you have provided.”

LBartist, New Jersey

You rock, you roll, you turn upside-down and let your insides out and you still keep at it, making such a difference in so many lives. You, Dr. Sugar, will always be one of my gifts in my life”

MSteacher, Albuquerque, NM

It is your answer, your example, your love, your heart-caring, your constant support to assist me in reaching into my own essence …Thank you for sharing your heart and guiding me into transformation.”

CHentrepreneur, Qatar

“Thank you for assisting me in “releasing issues from my tissues!” 

The weekend I spent with you was amazing in every way. Every woman should experience “Release”, and look upon it as a precious gift to give their inner self.”

RBExecutive Director, Waco, TX

“My Specialty is working with women to take their lives to the next level, to achieve the breakthrough that they desire and absolutely deserve to receive.”
Now is your time and Yes…You are Ready
Take Your Life to the Next Level.
Unleash Your Power Now!


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